shiseido collagen

Collagen Enriched Drink V 50ml x 10 bottles by Shiseido from Japan


Patented beauty beverages including low molecular collagen, were blended in luxury Eucommia leaf, ginseng, pearl barley, amla fruit extract, citron seed extract, hyaluronic acid, such as coenzyme Q10, a component of the 15 species

The power to make beautiful from the inside out.


– The collagen enriched contains 18 beauty improving ingredients

– Hyaluronic acid increase the moisture in your skin

– Royal jelly improves your skin and hair

– Eucommia leaf has recently been show to improve your bodies natural formation of collagen

– Ginseng helps to reduce stress and allows deeper, healthier sleep

– Gaba also helps you to relax and it has anti-aging effects


Shiseido the collagen enriched is a balanced health drink that is sure to improve your appearance.



Erythritol, maltose, collagen peptide extract, ginseng leaves, Eucommia extract, potato konjac (containing ceramide) fruit extract Amla, N-acetyl glucosamine, extract germ lotus, shark fin extract, Coix extract, coenzyme Q10, elastin derived from fish (black peper extract, acidulant, flavoring VC, cyclic oligosaccharide, hyaluronic acid, VE, V.B6, V.B2, some sugar sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame potassium), thickening agents, including soy gelatin, shrimp, crab


50mL × 10 bottles
Nutritional Information:

B6 10mg / Vitamin C 100mg / vitamin E 10mg main energy 14kcal / protein 1.2g / lipid 0g / carbohydrate 4.7g / sodium 45mg / Vitamin B2 4mg / vitamin [1 book ( 50mL) per] collagen 1,000 mg / hyaluronic acid 30mg / coenzyme Q10 30mg / ceramide 1,200 μg/N- acetyl glucoside support

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